#RNRVB Training Update + New Plans


A few weeks ago, I met with an incredible sports chiropractor who's a seasoned runner about my IT band issues. First, I need to let you all know that it took me two years to find a sports chiropractor who actually listens to me and understands running issues (enter: Dr. Aleck Wong). Dr. Wong advised me not to run the half marathon, and instead run the 5K or just bail on Virginia Beach all together to save some money. I chose the former because my friends and I were initially planning a beach weekend with a half marathon mixed in.

Doctor's orders are in, so the half marathon is out.

In a way, I felt relieved to receive instruction not to run the half marathon. Though I knew it probably wasn't going to happen anyway because my training wasn't up to where it needed to be thanks to my finicky muscles, I was also feeling my fitness levels deteriorate because I was running more but not cross training as much. I felt weaker and flabbier.

After receiving Dr. Wong's instructions, I switched gears and decided to take on one of Ashley Horner's insane workout plans that combines running, heavy lifts, crossfit lifts and circuit training. I'm into Week 2 of Pipehitter and I can happily say it's a) kicking my a** and b) making me feel super strong again.

The first week of Pipehitter left me feeling sorer than I have in a LONG time. I thought I worked out hard before, but this plan is showing me that I was doing elementary workouts compared to what I'm guessing Ashley does regularly. The plan has me in the gym 1.5-2 hours per day, five days a week. Though it's basically a part-time job, I'm enjoying the challenge so far. (I've mentioned Ashley Horner before, but for those who don't know she's a good doing, sponsored Reebok athlete who owns a gym in Virginia Beach and has made it her life's mission to empower women and help people.)

Besides killin' it in the gym, I'm prepping to start my first season as a Girls on the Run head coach. I have a lot of life things I've been thinking about and will write about soon, but I'll save them for later.