#RNRVB Training Update + The Water Bottle of Your Dreams

You know what's funny about plans? They have a tendency to change. 

I started off my half marathon training with a super aggressive goal of running a 1:45 half marathon. That goal then became a 2:00 half marathon. And now that goal is to finish without pain and GI issues.

One thing I always seem to forget about running is that building up mileage and speed is a marathon, not a sprint (pun intended). It can be a really frustrating process, but taking training slowly and listening to your body is super important in order to remain injury-free and actually reach your goals. I forgot (okay, ignored) this knowledge that I have and took on too much mileage too soon after taking a year and a half break from real running. Right now, I'm paying for it with angry hips, an angry IT band (AGAIN) and angry shins.

So, after realizing the error of my ways, I've shifted my training strategy a bit. I'm running every other day (mostly) and cross training on the days I'm not running. You can head over to my Instagram to see some of the workouts I've been doing. I have been doing lots of circuit training and yoga for cross training. I skipped my long run for two weeks because of moving chaos but managed to run 8 miles in D.C. this past Saturday almost pain-free. During my last half mile, my hip and IT band started to scream.

I would still like to pursue my 2:00 and 1:45 half marathon time goals, but I'm going to bump them back to November as long as I remain injury-free (gotta nail down a race) and a spring race. Once those goals are reached, or maybe even just one of them, I'm going to focus on bringing my 5K and 10K times down. I also want to increase my heavy lifting in the gym and really grow some muscle.

The moment I realized that I had taken on way too much too soon was the moment I realized I needed to just let my body ease into running again so that I don't experience the burn out I did in 2015. In that moment I also had to become comfortable with where my body is and the times I'm running, and still love my body anyway. Like I said in a previous post, fitness HAS to be about stewardship because when we steward our bodies, we take care of them and only push them to the point of growth and not injury. Of course, this is a learning process that can take many years, but it's a ride that should be enjoyed!

In other news, I recently purchased a Hydroflask water bottle and I have to tell you, IT'S THE WATER BOTTLE OF MY DREAMS. Water bottles may seem like a silly thing to get hyped up over, but I hate coming back to my car to hot water or cleaning mold out of plastic water bottles. This bottle keeps my water cold even when it has been sitting in a hot car and it doesn't get moldy. If you're in search of a new water bottle, REI has a few on sale or you can just buy it full price in a fun color because they're super durable.

Have you ever experienced a change in training? What are your fitness goals right now? Comment below!