#RNRVB Half Marathon Training - Week 1

Yesterday wrapped up week 1 of #RNRVB half marathon training! After last week, I've come to the realization that I have a looooonnnnggggg way to go in the next 11 weeks to reach my time goal. I'm comfortable knowing that I'm not where I want to be and am committed to listening to my body to avoid the annoying injuries I've had the few past years. I'm pushing toward a 2:00 finish (9:09 min/mile pace), and my previous PR (personal record, for those non-running folks) was 2:10.

I would consider this goal fairly aggressive based upon my current times, which are in the 9:30 - 10:00 min/mile range and because I've been out of the running game for so long. I haven't trained for a half marathon in almost two years, so getting back into the swing of things and not skipping workouts is a level of mental discipline I haven't had to muster for a while. This is even more challenging because I made the smart decision of choosing a race that has me training during the hottest months of the year. However, the mental discipline required to get through a training cycle is one of the things I love about running so BRING. IT. ON #RNRVB!

I'm following this plan from Women's Running, and so far I think it's well-balanced and effective. Here is what my training looked like last week:

  • Monday: 4 miles, easy at a 9:57 min/mile pace
  • Tuesday: 3 miles, easy at a 9:52 min/mile pace
  • Wednesday: Cross-training at hot vinyasa yoga for 1 hour
  • Thursday:  2 miles, fast at 8:34 min/mile on the treadmill, followed by a mini-bands workout consisting of clam shells, monster walks, side steps, banded squats, kickbacks and plank jumping jacks.
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 6 miles, long run at THE SLOWEST PACE because I walked a little bit
  • Sunday: Rest

I definitely need to kick up my training by logging more miles and adding in more vigorous cross-training days so that I can build my endurance to where it needs to be. I ran my long run too late in the day. It was 85% humidity and 80 degrees by the time I started my run at 10 AM. I stopped a lot, walked a little and hated every second of it, but some runs are just sh***y.

For this training cycle, I'm also focusing on fueling my body better for runs. My company caters lunch every day (which is SO AWESOME), but the past few months I've basically been eating out every day and haven't paid much attention to my diet, which has led to tighter pants and consuming too much meat. This week, I picked a few vegan recipes from Minimalist Baker for lunches and dinners. Minimalist Baker is one of my favorite food blogs in the entire world because she provides simple, whole-food recipes. Definitely go check her out, even if you're not vegan, like me. Here are this week's meals: 

  • Best Vegan "Pulled Pork" Sandwich: To speed up this recipe, I used Trader Joe's pre-cooked lentils. I also ditched the additional coconut sugar and reduced the amount of BBQ sauce because BBQ sauce has so much sugar in it already (and I didn't feel like making my own). 
  • Best Vegan Gluten Free "Mac n' Cheese:" This recipe turned out better than I thought, considering it's mac n' cheese without the cheese. However, if you don't like nutritional yeast (which I happen to love), you will hate this recipe.
  • Smoky Tempeh Burrito Bowls: For this recipe, I'm leaving out the pepper in abodo sauce and am instead mixing green chiles with tomato sauce - hopefully that combination works out.

Stay tuned for week 2 workouts and week 3 recipes!